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We respect your privacy and will not disclose any of your information to third parties.

Please be prompt for your appointment. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we will consider your appointment canceled because it creates inconvenience to the next customer. If you arrive late, you will need to wait for the next available technician.

Re-Scheduling and Cancellations
Life changes and we know that your schedule may change, making it impossible to visit MyLash Canada for a planned appointment. Please remember that we allocate technician’s time and space at the salon to ensure that you, and each of our MyLash Canada clients, will receive the highest level of service.

As a courtesy to other patrons and our staff, when you need to make a change, we request that you:

  • Notify us at least 24 hours in advance to RE-SCHEDULE an appointment
  • Notify us at least 48 hours in advance to CANCEL an appointment
  • Notify us at least 72 hours in advance to change or cancel a PACKAGE SERVICE (i.e., bridal party)

Failure to show up on a booked appointment without notifying us may be subject to a service charge and/or will require a deposit fee for future bookings.

Regarding allergic reactions:
We understand that some individuals may experience allergic reactions due to the ingredients in the adhesives we use. This may occur in 1 out of 50 people. However, as soon as a service is provided, we are unable to offer any refunds.

Please contact us immediately if an allergic reaction occurs, and we will gladly remove your extensions free of charge.

We will gladly give you a patch test for any services you are interested in, please feel free to give our studio a call to arrange to come in.